Solar fairy lights are considered to be the best for wedding parties and Christmas occasions. They look great and never disappoint when it comes to performance. To make sure that they work well one should give importance on the cell and battery combination of the lights. Solar lights help in saving energy and they are also durable. The solar powered lights are not very expensive and come in different choices like the solar fairy lights. These were some of the advantages that fairy lights bring with them. The fairy lights can be used both on normal days as well as on special occasions.

Before buying the fairy light one needs to understand few things about the solar light that will help them get good quality lighting. The most important thing that one should understand is the functioning of battery combination and solar panel. Once the battery is fully charged it provides power to the fairy light and makes it electricity free. There are solar fairy lights that come with inbuilt auto sensors which turn the lights on every evening. If solar panel is not large enough, there will not be enough energy for lighting the area. The ordinary lights don’t have these auto sensors and there are only manual operations in them. To transform energy and recharge the battery properly it is important to provide a large solar panel for battery in the light controller. The batteries that don’t have proper sized panels take long time to illuminate. Having solar panels of around 9.5×6.5 cm is adequate for smaller lights i.e. 50 to 100 LEDs and the size for larger ones i.e. 200 and 280 should be around 8x12cm. One can expect to get better sized panels as compared to the ordinary ones.

solar fairy lights

To make the purchase easier one should look for the solar panels that have 9-11 solar strips. These panels charge at a faster rate and provide good results. These lights can be recharged in as low as 1 hour and they can easily give more hours of illumination every night. If the solar fairy lights have been bought for some occasion one should surely focus on the quality. It can tend to be embarrassing if the lights do not perform well during the party or any event. The lights that are powered by Nickel-metal hydride would work three times better than the lights that are powered by Nickel-cadmium. This shows the importance of batteries for the solar lights. Buying the fairy lights are always a smart purchase as the battery is always better than the original ones

The batteries have the power to self-discharge and they will stop working after a period of time. To keep the batteries of fairy lights in good condition and use them for longer periods one should ensure that they are being charged regularly. When compared with the fairy lights the ordinary lights don’t have the capacity to auto-discharge and they require larger charging periods.