Snakes are easily the scariest of all creatures that thrives on the surface of the Earth. These are very much prevalent in Australia and each year thousands of people get affected by snake bite. Of these, some can be life-threatening and deadly. Now, with the help of the solar snake repeller one can prevent themselves from being bitten by snakes. The solar powered snake repellers transmit frequencies that can be heard only by the snakes. The frequencies transmitted by the snake repellent ranges between 400hz to 1000hz with a gap of 40-50 secs. These snake repellers are effective within a radius of 15m from kits location.

The vibrations are picked up by the snakes, making them distinctively uncomfortable and forcing them to abandon the place. During daytime, these snake repellers are powered by the sunlight and the excess energy is stored in a rechargeable unit that helps the snake repeller to work at night. Not only are these snake repellers weather proof, but they are absolutely safe for children and pets. Solar snake repeller comes with an in-built LED that light up at night.

Key Features of the solar snake repeller

  • Transmits sound frequencies and vibrations
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Operates 24×7
  • Equipped with a NI-Cd (rechargeable) battery
  • Perfect for homes, gardens, farms etc.
  • Comes at an affordable price of $119.99
  • Comes with a warranty of 90 days

These are effective against poisonous snakes such as:

  • Brown snakes
  • Rattle snakes
  • Tiger snakes
  • Garter snakes
  • Copperhead snakes

Solar Snake Repellers

Advantages of these snake repellers

  • As these are solar powered, there is no need of spreading potentially dangerous, expensive and ineffective chemicals around the house.
  • The installation process is quite simple.
  • It doesn’t kill snakes
  • Possibly the best defence against poisonous snakes
  • It helps in getting rid of garden snakes quickly
  • Helps in avoiding dos and snake encounters
  • Not harmful for dogs, cats or other livestock
  • No other power supply is required as these fully enclosed units specialises in operating independently

The solar powered snake repeller comes with aluminium cannulation and high-tech solar panels. More durability is provided by the aluminium cannulation that makes it easy to insert into the soil. Furthermore, aluminium being a good conductor of these repelling vibrations, warning pulses gets transmitted through the ground.

The longevity of these snake repellers depend upon the location, seasonal repellering availability and weather conditions.

Using the solar snake repeller

One simply needs to push the plug into the jack and place the snake repellent in a sunny area. Even after 6 hours of charging if the device fails to turn on automatically then one need to check the following:

  • The battery so as to make sure they are connected with the terminals
  • The solar panels of the snake repeller so as to make sure they are directly facing the sun

 Replacement of battery: The average lifespan of the battery is around 18 months. It can always be replaced by new rechargeable ones.