Numerous potential problems rise with solar light fittings that whether solar lights are correct for you or not. Below listed are some most common issues with solar lighting.┬áSolar lights are practical items for getting to grips with; still there are some most common issues with solar lighting that you must know to make sure for acquiring the most from these lights. High quality solar produces offer plenty of lighting once treated correctly as well as set up appropriately. Of course, it does not take lots of effort or time to make up a fruitful system and there’re only some things that should be watched out.

1. Solar Lights may Lose Charge

Most common problem with solar lighting are the small batteries which power them which usually lose their backup capabilities over time. Those batteries after frequent discharge and charge cycles fail to get recharged which means that the solar lights stop functioning till they are replaced.

2. Lacking of Darkness

Since those solar lights work in a light-sensitive off – on switch, if the place selected is not dark enough during night — for instance, an area near a floodlight or street light that comes on during dusk — the light may not work, since the sensor will think that it’s daytime, and not dark enough for setting the illumination.

3. Lacking of Sun

Since these lights charge through sunlight during the daytime, if you’ve a location that doesn’t receive enough sunlight, these lights do not charge properly and then either fail to work at dark, provide blurred light or otherwise provide no lighting at all.

4. Solar Panels may Die

If this solar panel dies, getting obscured by dust or encountering damage, the lights cannot charge in the day, and consequently won’t turn on during night. Damages may happen in a multiplicity of ways, like when the sunlight makes the plastic protective covering over these solar cells to yellowish, or quickly, a stone thrown away by a lawnmower breaks the light and crashes the solar panel.

solar energy

solar energy

5. Facing

Placing these solar panels at a south facing positioning ensures that they acquire the most possible lighting and that they will work to the greatest of their ability. It is the scenario for all North Hemisphere countries, though will be the opposite at the Southern areas.

6. Obstacles

Obstruction will be the most common issues with solar lighting aside from south orientation. Even if the solar lighting is facing south side, an obstruction may cause issues that cannot be remedied. So, try to avoid placing these items before buildings, trees and other areas since this will only create significant problems for these solar lights.

Solar light is generally quite simple to use and very easier than conventional lights in numerous ways. So, just by avoiding the common issues with solar lighting coupled with some tips and tricks, it shouldn’t have too many problems in using sun as a lighting resource.