Smartphones have turned into our clocks, maps, cameras, mailboxes, music players, books, and calendars. In that essence of versatile minimalism, below is the list on the search for a few ecofriendly smartphone accessories.

1. SunVolt Handy Solar Power Station

Being First on this list of green accessories for smartphones is this handy solar power station of Gomadic that is designed to charge all of your cell phone devices. It is fundamentally a solar panel at a neoprene container. Open it and you could set the panel in the right angle for catching those exquisite rays, thanks to the sequence of indentations. 4 non-slip pads avoid it from sliding.

SunVolt Handy Solar Power Station

2. Solar Portable Bluetooth Speakers

It is a cool idea that is perfect for lazy days and camping trips around the pool. This Solar speaker is the wireless Bluetooth speaker manufactured by Eton. This has a solar board at top and you’d stream music from whichever smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Solar Portable Bluetooth Speakers

3. Mushroom Wall Travel Charger

The Bracketron had designed this stylish charger as a method to conserve energy, but this also has a crafty portable design that allows you to wrinkle the plug pins, wrap the cable, and keep it in the pocket.

Mushroom Wall Travel Charger

4. Pedal Powered Headlight & Mobile Device Charger

You will find a few stimulating green gadgets for smartphone at EcoxGear, however this one is perfect for cyclists. You could turn the lights off and on with a supported remote on the handlebars. Moreover, you could also plug in the smartphone which charges it when you cycle.

Pedal Powered Headlight & Mobile Device Charger

5. Bamboo Speaker

This iBamboo is engraved from a single portion of viable bamboo and as you put the iPhone in and then play some songs it augments the sound naturally. You’re not going to get huge sound from this, but for using in the bathroom, this could be ideal.

Bamboo Speaker

6. Solar Keyboard for iPad

The Bluetooth keyboards do not require much energy. This product from Logitech distributes with charging of batteries and comprises a small solar board that can draw power from the sun rays.

 Solar Keyboard for iPad

7. Surfr for Galaxy S3

This adds a little more bulk than the normal case, still it’s surprisingly light. This solar panel is defined as “for emergencies”. That is an important point since it’s simply very small to supply a decent quantity of power.

Surfr for Galaxy S3

8. Biodegradable covers and cases

There are so many options for biodegradable cases to mention below, but we will point you at the direction of some good ones for getting started. They are listed below:

  • ReFleece
  • Corkcase
  • Papernomad
  •  TreeGloo

Biodegradable covers and cases


9. Campstove

With this CampStove from BIOLITE, you’d warm your hands in the same fire which charges your phone. This 33-ounce thermoelectric apparatus needs no gas.


10. ProCase for smartphones

A squelch of water could make your smartphone dumb. Keep it high and dry through strapping it into this nylon ProCase, a product of T-REIGN. This rugged cocoon is finished through a zero-waste built-up process.

ProCase for smartphones

The above list of green accessories for smartphones does not cover everything but are among the essential and must haves.