Thousands of people in the world are bitten by snake every year and some among these are certainly poisonous. In fact, the snakes are most likely to be seen in the summers and they can be really scary if they are seen in the backyard of homes or near the tent when out for camping. While most of the snakes are harmless, few are venomous and it is certainly not worth risking life. The best solution to snake bites would be to keep the creature at bay. In order to keep it at bay a person would require the solar snake repeller. 

These solar based repelling devices for snakes work by sending pulse that the snakes can perceive and that they perceive as a possible threat. This prevents the creature from approaching the area around the solar snake repellent and causes it to retreat. The effect of the device is lasting enough so that it not only causes the snakes to retreat but also keeps it away for long and in some cases, the snakes do not return. It is the pulses and vibrations that the snakes feel to sense its prey such as frogs and small rodents and also to sense a threat. These vibrations are mimicked by the solar snake repelling devices so as to make them feel unsafe and retreat.

A standard solar powered snake repeller transmits sound frequencies ranging between 400 Hz and 1000 Hz. Such frequencies are transmitted in an interval of forty to fifty seconds.  These solar snake repellents are generally effective up to a radius of fifteen meters around the spot where the device has been kept. Hence they cover a thirty meters wide area diametrically.

Solar Snake Repellers

As for the expenses, there are no such costs that the snake repellers entail. They are charged by sunlight. The solar snake repellers come along with batteries that can be recharged. The battery that is charged by sunlight during the day is used up by the device after sunset. While some may worry about the effect of the device in children, it is for them to know that they are harmless on children and the pets stay safe. The weather proof box that is offered with the snake repellents can brave the extremes of weather. There is an inbuilt LED that makes the device light up during the dark.

Thanks to the snake repelling devices people living in Australia and having threat from a snake bite can now be safe. The snake repeller Australia can now ensure the safety of people by preventing more encounters with the snakes. The most interesting fact about the snake repelling devices is that they offer a 24×7 service. With little maintenance these life saver devices function day and night. What is more interesting is the fact that the standard snake repellers are effective on every species and variety of snake.